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Meet Hillarie

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Hillarie spent the first years of her life in the Northwoods.  She met her husband, Dean, in 1996.  Dean is from the Chippewa Valley and, as is the case with love, she moved here in 2001 to be closer to him.  They married in January of 2002 and have made their home in Altoona ever since.

Hillarie is a Registered Nurse and spent her first years in the area specializing in emergency medicine.  She then came home to raise her two amazing daughters, Alyssa and Rebecca.  It was during this time that Hillarie became a volunteer at local radio station WWIB.  This voluntarism quickly turned into more, starting a 7 year career at the station, first as a Sunday Morning announcer and then as a co-host on the WWIB Wake-up show for 5 years.


  • School District of Altoona School Board - Hillarie is passionate about education and has served on the School Board since May of 2020.  She is proud to say that her school district is one of the only districts in Eau Claire County that remained open for the entire 2020/2021 school year, never once having to revert to a virtual platform.  Hillarie supports students and educators.
  • Altoona Police and Fire Commissioner - Sworn in in January of 2018, Hillarie enjoys serving her community and supporting police and fire personnel as a Police and Fire Commissioner for the city of Altoona.  Through this service Hillarie has gained a deeper understanding of emergency service and has unique insights into the challenges in law enforcement today.  As a State Assemblywoman she will continue to advocate for officers and firefighters throughout our state.
  • Wisconsin Association for Gifted and Talented (WATG) - During her time with WATG, Hillarie has served as the head of their Government Action Committee (GAC).  Through her work here she presented at the capitol in October of 2019, testified in front of the Joint Finance Committee, helped draft a proposal for a legislative study, assisted with drafting a Budget Motion, and is currently working with Senator Bernier's and Representative Petryk's offices to introduce legislation (SB860 and AB903) to support advanced learners throughout the state.
  • Chief Inspector City of Altoona - Hillarie has been an Elections Inspector for the Republican Party since January 2018, Special Voting Deputy since November 2020, and a Chief Inspector since November 2020.  This has given her a good working knowledge of, and a keen eye on, the election process.  She strives to ensure accuracy and integrity in our voting process here in the Chippewa Valley.
  • Perpetual Volunteer - Past service activities include: Northwest Wisconsin Circuit of the Lutheran Women's Mission Society, President of Women in God's Service, CORBA trails member and event coordinator, Worship team leader, Blood Drive organizer, Chair of Locopalooza (Altoona High Schools annual show choir competition attracting participants from all around the state, Minnesota, and 1500-2000 attendees),  Color Run coordinator, 4-H parent. 

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